Strange New Worlds Season 2 Makes Gorn Even Scarier

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 makes Gorn even scarier than season 1. Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Arena” Star Trek: Strange New Worlds this seems to be making some changes to the timeline. Not only did they introduce Gorn much earlier, they also made significant changes to Gorn as a species. Inside Strange New WorldsGorn has been transformed into truly evil villains who attack civilizations without provocation.


Captain Pike’s (Anson Mount) Chief of Security aboard the USS Enterprise, Lieutenant La’an Noonien-Singh (Christina Chong), describes her horrific encounter with Gorn. Strange New Worlds Episode 4, “Memento Mori.” As a child he was attacked by the colonial ship Gorn and was the only survivor. La’an is a strong and seemingly fearless character, so her understandable fear of Gorn is particularly impressive. Strange New Worlds Season 1 made Gorn a formidable foe than before, and according to the trailer, season 2 makes them even more terrifying.

How Strange New Worlds Season 2 Makes Gorn More Scary

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Spock Gorn

With updated past stories Strange New Worlds season 1, The Gorn has become an even more frightening foe. Of course one reason is that modern CGI and special effects give Gorn and a much scarier and more realistic look, but Strange New Worlds Updated more than Gorn’s look. Inside Strange New Worlds In season 1, it was revealed that Gorn can lay his eggs on humanoid hosts that are very similar to Ridley Scott’s aliens. Foreign movies. The Gorn views warm-blooded species as their food source and hunts hominids for sport, rarely leaving any survivors. Looks like Gorn can survive in outer space.

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Inside Strange New Worlds Season 2 trailer as Spock is seen on his spacewalk, with a Gorn approaching from behind him. This marks a suspenseful scene in which Spock fights a Gorn in outer space. If Gorn can survive in the vacuum of space, it will open up a whole new way for them to scare the unsuspecting humanoids. As a truly frightening reptile species that cannot be explained by logic, Gorn makes a fearsome foe For the Enterprise team to face off. With updated backstories and terrifying appearances (and the addition of survival in space abilities), Strange New Worlds He really made the Gorn something to be feared.

Will Kirk Meet a Gorn in Strange New Worlds Season 2?

Gorn Star Trek

Perhaps one of the biggest questions regarding Gorn is whether Lieutenant James T. Kirk (Paul Wesley) will meet one of the alien reptiles. classically Star wars: Original Series In the episode “Arena”, Captain Kirk (William Shatner) says in the Captain’s Diary: “I’m facing the creature the Metros call Gorn. (…) I must fight to remember that this is an intelligent, highly evolved individual, Captain of a starship like me, undoubtedly a dangerously intelligent opponent.” This statement implies that Kirk and his crew have never met Gorn before. However Strange New Worlds It may indicate that Lieutenant Kirk encountered a Gorn when he boarded Pike’s USS Enterprise.

But, Strange New Worlds He’s charting a new canon between Starfleet and Gorn that hopefully will still line up. Conditions. Strange New Worlds’ Gorn’s redesign updates the alien lizards, but it’s possible that Gorn has more than one species and Captain Kirk encounters a different species. Conditions. Whatever the answer, Gorn, now surviving in outer space, has become an even more terrifying new foe for the crew. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds stand up against

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 premieres on Thursday, June 15 at Paramount+.