Switch between heroes and save pixelated feudal Japan in Chronicles of 2 Heroes


  • A challenging retro platformer where you can switch between characters in real time.
  • Each hero plays differently, allowing for unique combinations of skills.
  • Available now on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Hello heroes! I’m Israel Mullen, PR Specialist for Catness Games. We are publishers Chronicles of two heroesretro platformer inspired by masterpieces like Messenger And Ninja Gaiden. This epic quest has Metroidvania elements and a unique mechanic: you can switch between heroes in real time!

A year ago, this great pixel art adventure received huge support on Kickstarter. Now Chronicles of two heroes Ready to launch on Xbox Series XS, PC, and Xbox One on May 26th. So, if you’re a fan of challenging retro platform games, mark your calendars!

Meet the Heroes of Feudal Japan

In this game, Amaterasu rules feudal Japan with his fearsome Yokai army, and only Kensei and Ayame can stop her. These siblings have been training for years to defeat the goddess, and they each have their own unique fighting style.

Screenshot of C2H

As a samurai, Kensei dedicated his life to mastering the art of wielding the katana. This deadly weapon is impeccable in close combat and is capable of parrying projectiles. Kensei wears shining red armor, even if it affects his mobility. Although he cannot jump, he can make lightning dashes and slash his way through enemies.

On the other hand, Ayame is a secretive kunoichi trained in the art of ninja. She prioritizes agility and stealth over close combat, and can throw kunai from a distance to destroy enemies before they even know what hit them. If an enemy detects her, Ayame can use ninjutsu techniques to avoid attacks and disappear behind enemies.

Switch ’em up

As you can see, these two heroes play completely differently. Ayame excels at nimble platforming, while Kensei is a pro at close combat. But what happens when you hit an obstacle that requires both skills? Luckily, you can switch between them in real time!

Screenshot of C2H

Just press a button to switch between Ayame and Kensei whenever you need. Most of the levels will require you to change characters frequently, but that’s part of the fun.

Imagine: an undead archer sitting on a high ledge with huge gaps between the platforms. Use Ayame to climb up the high ground, then switch to Kensei and race across the chasms while avoiding the arrows. Finally, use your trusty katana to kill the youkai once you get close enough.

Do you feel confident? Try to parry his projectiles instead of bursting through them. Or switch to Ayame and teleport behind the archer and keep walking without fighting anyone. Thanks to the switching mechanics, the same problem can be solved in several ways. Combine the skills of Kensei and Ayame to free feudal Japan from the wrath of Amaterasu.

Screenshot of C2H

Unleash your potential

You have to unlock more than 20 skills. Chronicles 2 Heroes. Each of them allows you to create even more powerful combinations, so get ready to get creative.

I could go on and on about all the combos, enemies, and challenges that await you, but I’ll let you discover them on your own. Just know that feudal Japan needs your help, heroes! We can’t wait for you to take a dip in Chronicles of two heroes on Xbox Series X|S, PC and Xbox One today!

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Chronicles of 2 Heroes is a fast-paced 16-bit action-platformer with Metroidvania elements, Japanese myths and gorgeous pixel art. That’s not all: you can switch between the main characters in real time! Ayame and Kensei have unique, amazing fighting styles that you need to master in order to save feudal Japan from the wrath of Amaterasu.