“The Boogeyman” Trailer Begs Audiences to Keep the Lights On

Summer has long been known as the blockbuster season. With temperatures soaring, there’s no better way to escape the heat than to dive into a cold theater and watch an action-packed play this year’s included. Flash, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-VerseAnd Indiana Jones and the Fate Dial. But horror movies promise to return with a vengeance, and fans are dethroning action movies from the best of summer as they look forward to the arrival of the new movie. blackout, Insidious: Red Door, Spider web, Haunted house, Talk to me, sympathy for the devil, Meg 2: Trench, Demeter’s Last Journeyand other titles that explode in the night. Boasting that they will be the ones who scream the most to the audience, bogeyman released another teaser that will make you want to leave the lights on.


Short but spooky, today’s clip sees the main characters, Sadie (Sophie Thatcher) and Sawyer Harper (Vivien Lyra Blair), grappling with the loss of their mother. Bringing a psychologist friend to help out with their kids while he too is overwhelmed by the overwhelming grief of losing his wife, Will Harper.Chris Messina) Weller’s (Lisa Gay Hamilton) sisters will be able to console themselves with their fear of an unseen presence. bogeyman. Sitting with the girls in the dark, Dr. Weller gives them some helpful advice when lighting the room with just a red lamp. Turning the light on and off while he talks about the girls’ fears, the psychiatrist is about to throw too much out of his mouth, but the sinister entity no doubt catches him.

based on Stephen King‘S The 1973 short story of the same name, Rob SavageThe -helmed feature will tell the story of a family coping with the loss of its matriarch. Patriarch Will Harper, who still works as a therapist, continues to take clients as he struggles with his own and his daughters’ grief. Strange things begin to happen to the Harper children when they are left alone in their rooms at night while a grieving patient arrives to seek help. Also in the movie David Dastmalchian, Madison HuAnd Marine Ireland.

Image via 20th Century Studios

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When bogeyman To leave?

As we start the summer of horror, bogeyman will be scare King fans Open June 2. Since there is no movie adaptation on the agenda other than the horror master, followers of the esteemed author will not want to miss it.

Check out the latest teaser below.